girl scouts science of funBadge Workshops

Complete your badge requirements at Discovery Center!  Select from our scheduled dates and themes for Girl Scout Events 2016-2017. We may combine your group with another to meet minimum requirements.

Advance registration and advance payment are required. $10 non-refundable deposit due at time of registration. Deposit counts toward full amount. Only approximate number of participants required for registration. Full payment and firm numbers due two weeks prior to event. Fees vary by workshop.  Adult fee waved for second workshop, same day. Registration closes one week prior to event.

If you think you may be eligible for a scholarship, contact Meghan Richards at or call 815-972-2843. Scholarships are based on a child’s eligibility for a school’s free or reduced lunch program.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds are available up to one week prior to event, minus deposit. Discovery Center reserves the right to cancel events; in which case, a full refund will be issued.

For additional questions or to make a reservation, contact Meghan Richards at or call 815-972-2843



Girl Scout Workshop Pricing

  • $10 per scout per program*

  • Minimum 10 scouts

  • $4 per adult

  • Price includes museum admission (please allow time to visit museum before or after program)

  • Optional: Add $2 per scout for a Planetarium Show (unless already included in scout program).

  • Please note: Cadettes Night Owl is $15 per scout due to telescope material fee


Girl Scout Skill Building Badges


  • Clover Petal: Learn how to use the earth’s resources wisely. Save energy, recycle, and discover what trash is biodegradable. Make a necklace from recycled materials! (1 hour) ($8 per scout)


  • Home Scientist: Learn the difference between mixtures and solutions, play with static electricity, cause a chemical reaction, make a density toy and slime. (1.5 hours)

  • Inventor: Discover some local inventions, like silly putty invented by General Electric! Brainstorm your own ideas, make a model, and create your own invention! (1.5 hours)


  • Entertainment Technology: Learn about animation, optical illusions and sound. Make a thumatrope, 3D glasses, a rubber band guitar and a catapult. (1.5 hours)

  • Detective: Test your observation skills and learn a secret code. Solve a crime at the museum using chromatography, fingerprint analysis, and comparing DNA. (1.5 hours)



  • Night Owl: See a planetarium show and learn all about stars and constellations. Make a star finder and your own telescope. Planetarium show included. (1.5 hours) Please note: $15 per scout due to telescope material fee

  • Special Agent: Identify your own fingerprint pattern. Acquire forensic skills to match tread marks, compare blood splatter, and extract DNA to solve a crime! (1.5 hours)


  • Sky: Come visit our planetarium and learn to identify the stars and constellations in our sky. Make a star finder, and launch alka seltzer rockets! Learn about the ozone layer and make your own carbon footprint estimator. Planetarium show included. (1.5 hours)


Girl Scout Journeys


Between Earth and Sky:  Identify trees by their leaves, discover capillary action, and learn about the parts of a flower. Investigate how scientists are using nano technology by studying plants! (1 hour) ($8 per scout)


WOW, Wonders of Water: Learn all about the water cycle and the 3 physical states of water. Make a rain gauge and discover why it's important to conserve water. See how other people around the world conserve and use water. Design your own water filter and find out about bioluminescent creatures deep beneath the ocean! (1.5 hours)


Get Moving! Investigate energy and movement in this journey! Play with toys to discover the difference between potential and kinetic energy. Conduct experiments to convert forms of energy. Identify renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy on our planet. (2 hours)


Breathe: Have you heard of climate change or global warming? Understand what's happening to our planet in this journey. Learn about the composition of air, the layers of Earth's atmosphere, and calculate your own carbon footprint. Conduct experiments involving greenhouse gases. (2 hours)